Selftution Marvel of Science

   Marvel of Science

Welcome to the wonderful world of science. It is a unique subject, which is fun and easy for some kids but not for others. For some science is just a school textbook with difficult words and complex definitions and for others, it is full of amazing facts and marvels of the universe. If you are on this page then it’s mean either you love science and want to learn more of it or you do not understand it and want some help.

In any of the above cases, Selftution will be of great help. It brings science to you in an interesting way. It explains difficult concepts in the easiest way possible along with guiding you for carrying out some easy and amazing home-based experiments which will make learning fun for you. Teachers can also conduct these experiments at school for explaining topics and clarifying concepts to their students. So, let’s begin.

What is Science?

Just imagine if somehow you can go back 200 years from now and tell people of those days about planes, television, mobiles, computers, etc., either they will not believe you or will think it all magical. But, we know the truth, it’s not any magic its science. So what exactly it is?

Simple definition for kids of 5th grade –

Science is all about finding answers to various unknown thing happening in universe. It is a study of why, what and how. WHY particular thing happened, WHAT caused it to happen, and HOW to use it for welfare of mankind’?

It is a subject for people with curious minds. Who do not believe in magic and are always in search of answers to unknown and strange things happening around us. They are known as scientists and because of a few such people, we are living a better life than our ancestors. We all can become scientists just by sitting at home but we need to follow some simple steps as mentioned below:

Basic steps of science are –

  • Observe the natural world and find events important for study,
  • Carry out experiments to repeat them,
  • Record result,
  • Carry out analysis and arrive at the conclusion.

Science is a vast subject and therefore primarily divided into three main branches: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Posted below is a list of some fun topics for students of 5th grades and above which are common to all three subjects: