Selftution Chemistry is colourful

Colorful Chemistry

Chemistry is magical. I think so, and hope you do the same. For a long time, magicians fooled or impressed people using chemistry by creating fire from water and changing the color of liquids by adding another colorless liquid to them, but not now.

I still remember the day when I first visited my school chemistry lab. Our teacher poured a drop of colorless liquid on a strip of blue paper and it turned red. It was my first chemistry experiment and it was amazing. Later, I came to know that the blue strip of paper was a litmus paper which turns red when it comes in contact with an acid, a colorless liquid. Although it is amazing, only a few kids like it. It’s really difficult to develop interest among children toward chemistry, but Selftution can help. Selftution brings chemistry to you in a new way. It will build your interest in the subject by using a lot of examples and home-based experiments.

What is Chemistry?

A simple definition of chemistry for kids of 6th grade:

It is a branch of science which study substances around us, especially about their composition, method of preparation, properties and their reactions with other substances.

Selftution Various Substances

Various Substances – Result of Chemistry

Chemistry is of such vital importance to us that all of our activities depend on it. The number of substances around us which we use for our daily chores are not found in nature, like – toothpaste, soap, sugar, medicines,  mobile, etc.

So, have you ever given thought from where they have come from?

Chemists are the one who made them. They study chemistry and perform experiments with any particular material under different conditions and record their findings. In this way, sometimes chemists discover new materials, which go a long way in making human life comfortable, like – plastic, cement, etc.

Daily we do a number of things, which is chemistry with little knowledge of it, like – cooking, bathing using soap, burning candles, etc. We all can learn chemistry and become chemists at home.

So let’s begin the journey to the wonderful world of chemistry. Posted below is the list of topics for a student of 6th grades and above: