Green caterpillerWord biology comes from the Greek word ‘bio’, which means ‘life’ and the English word ‘logy’, which means ‘study’. Thus, biology is the branch of science which studies life, either plant life or animal life. It helps us in understanding ourselves and our environment in a better way. Ten (10) important reasons for studying biology are as follows:

  1. It helps us in understanding the evolution of life from a single cell to multicellular living beings.
  2. Biology doesn’t only talk about evolution, but it also tries to find reasons for the extinction of various species. This helps us to prepare for any unforeseen dangers lurking in the future.
  3. It helps us to protect and conserve our environment by explaining do’s and don’t for our planet.
  4. It gives us methods to classify animals and plants. This helps us in understanding each one of them in a better way.
  5. Biology tells us about our body and various functions which goes inside it. Thus, with its help, we identify ways to keep us healthy and develop cures for many diseases.
  6. It studies plants and tells us how different types of plants are beneficial for humans. Further, it also helps us to decide which food to eat and which one to avoid.
  7. Biology as a science helped in increasing the production of food and curing fatal diseases.
  8. In the modern day world, biology has expanded its horizon to develop a new type of plants and animals by cloning of genes at the cellular level.
  9. All the medicines we use are the result of research carried out with the help of knowledge of biology.
  10. Knowledge of biology is not limited to studies on the planet Earth. It also helps astronomer to find life on other planets in the Universe.

Although only 10 points are stated here to bring out the importance of biology for mankind, they are not enough. Biology is part of our life and exists every second with us. When we breathe in and out, the process of respiration takes place within our bodies, each cell receives oxygen and releases carbon dioxide and other wastes.

So, let’s begin a journey to this magnificent world of biology with topics given below: