Hello! children. Welcome to Selftution. It is not any other website for teaching, but it is an effort to develop a habit of self-learning in you. Anyone of you above 5th grade can use it for clarifying concepts taught in school and for increasing your existing knowledge base.

Why Self learning?
Selftution Learning by observation

Learning by observation

So why should you learn on your own when teachers are there to teach? Self-learning is just not about ‘learning on your own’ but it’s about ‘being yourself, your own teacher’. It will build your confidence. The 20th century was a century of innovators and it’s because of few such creative minds around us we are living a better life than our forefathers. Just imagine what we could have achieved if all of us were creative. But, is it possible? The answer is ‘yes’. The only thing we need to do is to start learning on our own. Most important point to note here is that all the innovators are self-learners .

It is a common belief that the God has bestowed (given to) power of creativity and innovation to select few, but it is not true. Creativity is not a birth trait (quality), but it is a habit.  To develop this habit we can use the tool of self-learning, which in turn is a birth trait of each of us. As per a survey, retention of knowledge and its use for society is much higher in children who do self-learning in comparison to those who learn with help of others.

Why Selftution?
Selftution Self learning a birth trait

      Self-learning a birth trait

So, you learned that self-learning is your birth trait and its important for you. Then you should also know that present learning or teaching style is suppressing your god gift like a slow poison. Your school books are using difficult words to explain simple concepts. They focus more on showing knowledge skill of authors, and not clarifying concepts.  So even if you try to learn on your own you fail to understand concepts. On the other hand, the strength of students in each class is quite high, thus teachers are not able to devote quality time to clarify the doubt of each and every one of you. This kills your interest in self-learning. Your parents don’t have enough knowledge of all subjects, so they search for different ways to impart the same to you. Most of the methods used by them, focus more on spoon-feeding and not self-learning. It’s important to note here is that spoon-fed child cannot be creative.

How can Selftution help?

The habit of self-learning should be imbibed since the start of education but its most important during moving from primary to secondary section. During this period you start learning new subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, history, social studies, etc. As the number of subjects and the complexity of concepts increases, time which you can devote to each of them decreases. Soon you will feel overburdened and lose interest in studies. So, to keep you motivated it’s very important to deliver concepts to you in the easiest possible way and Selftution does the same.

Selftution walks at a very thin line between simplification and spoon-feeding. The main aim of the author is not to showcase her own knowledge prowess (skill) but to share it with children to make the best use of it.

Advantages of Selftution –

  • Simple concepts and easy language for better learning and retention of knowledge,
  • Guided home-based experiments for the development of a habit of innovation in you.
  • You can easily access it from laptop, pad or phone,
  • No time and place restrictions, you can learn at any place and at any time,
  • As each one of you has different grasping power, so each one of you can learn at your own pace,
  • It will improve your fluency in the language,
  • It will build your confidence so you can handle unknown problems with ease.
  • There are no hidden charges, all study material provided here is free.